Become A Provider

This page includes information for healthcare providers, related to providing Wet Plugz earplugs for your patients

If you are a healthcare professional (i.e. audiologist, ENT, etc..) and interested in providing your patients with a better option for custom surf or water sports earplugs, so they can actually hear, then please contact us.

Become a Preferred Provider

Become a Preferred Provider so we can direct customers to you, and list your office location(s) in our online directory of preferred providers displayed on our website.

To become a Preferred Provider simply requires that you're aware of our product and how to order these for your patients - that's it!

Please make sure to register on our Provider website so you'll have access to everything you need (such as visibility to our wholesale pricing; placing and paying for orders online; ordering a Provider Starter Kit,; downloadable forms; and more...).

Ordering can be as simple as placing your order online (through our Provider website), and sending in your patient's ear impressions.

You already know how to do the hard part of taking ear impressions, so by becoming listed with us, we can help provide another revenue source for your business, while you provide a convenient location for customers wanting to get a pair of custom Wet Plugz™.

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Let People Know You're a Wet Plugz Provider

As a Preferred Provider, we'd appreciate any mention on your website regarding either you providing Wet Plugz™, or in simply referencing that you are a Wet Plugz™ Preferred Provider, as well as any links to our website to help your patients quickly understand the benefits of these earplugs.

Please feel free to use one of the images below on your site to help identify that you provide Wet Plugz™ for your patients.
Note: the .jpg file has a white background, while the .png file has a transparent background.

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- png file download

Information Materials for Your Front Office and Patients

Take a look at our brochure (you can view it by clicking on the image to download the pdf).   It provides basic information on how these plugs work, as well as information on Surfer's Ear versus the less severe issue of Swimmer's Ear.  We can provide these to you for your front office and/or for you to provide to your water sports patients.


We have teamed up with a a world class leader in producing custom earplugs and earpieces, and have moved our entire production of Wet Plugz earplugs to their lab.  They have been supporting hearing care professionals since 1959 (they're very likely the ones currently producing your other custom earplugs), so you know the quality of what they produce is excellent.   In addition, we can now offer Wet Plugz with an extensive set of options (ex. colors; multi-colors; antimicrobial coating; different finishes, etc..)


As mentioned already, ordering can be as simple as placing your order online (through our Provider website), and sending in your patient's ear impressions. We currently use PayPal for our payment processing, which means you have even more options to pay for your orders (credit card, PayPal account balance, eCheck, PayPal Credit).

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Contact us to request a pricing sheet, or go ahead and register on our Provider website to gain access to this information online. While these earplugs provide a significantly better experience for your watersports patients, and they use our patent-pending technology and design, they are still competitively priced.

A Note on Ear Impressions

Some quick tips for ear impressions needed (these are all pretty standard):
  • We recommend using a bite block (with relaxed jaw), to ensure the impressions will result in earplugs that remain snug during jaw movement.
  • Impressions should be semi-deep to include the second bend of the ear & the entire concha, helix & tragal notch (please pay particular attention to filling the upper helix/crus portion of the impression).
  • Because Wet Plugz™ are tight-fitting we do recommend that the material is also pushed gently into the ear to encourage a good snug fit.
  • Impression material should be two-part silicone.

Contact us today and let us provide a better option for you and your patients