Custom Earplug Options

Lots of options available for your custom Wet Plugz earplugs...


A virtual rainbow of colors to choose from. In fact, so many, you might have a tough time choosing one.

So if you have a difficult time choosing just one, how about choosing two, or even three, and get a swirl of colors for your earplugs.

Safety Leash

A soft flexible cord (clear PVC), or braided nylon (black), is a great option to help hang on to the investment you've made in purchasing your custom earplugs. The cord is attached to each of the plugs, connecting them together, such that if one happens to come out of the ear, it will still be connected to the other earplug.

An additional advantage of having a leash, is simply to make handling the earplugs easier, so you're not juggling two small earplugs as you walk to/from your water destination.

Laser Engraving  

Engrave one, two, or up to three letters on each earplug.

Common uses are to have a "L" left and "R" right indicator to easily identify which earplug goes in which ear. Other uses are for the initials of your name.

Antimicrobial Coating

A chemically-bonded antimicrobial coating is available, and is proven to be effective against bacteria, germs, and other pathogens.

While it's effective against bacteria, germs and other pathogens that can cause infection, itching, pain and odor, it also provides a low-friction surface finish for significantly easier insertion of silicone earpieces without lubrication.