Earplug Leash

Our recommendations regarding using a leash, and how not to use a leash for your custom earplugs.

How Does a Leash Work for Earplugs?

With earplugs, a leash is a length of either plastic/rubber (PVC) filament or braided nylon, that is connected to both earplugs. By having the two plugs connected together, if one plug gets dislodged from an ear, the dislodged plug will still be connected to the other plug, so it won't get too far.

Some people prefer to attach the leash to something else too (like to the collar of a rash guard or wetsuit), but our recommendation is to avoid doing this - read on for our recommendations on how to properly use a leash.

Why Use a Leash At All?

Hanging plugs Several reasons for using a leash:
  • Most important reason is so you don't lose your earplugs. Even though your custom earplugs should fit you well, if you get slammed by a wave or you are over-flexing your jaw, it's possible for an earplug to pop out of your ear. The leash should minimize the chance of loss, because the odds of both plugs getting dislodged at the same time is very small (personally, I've never had a custom plug come out of my ear).
  • Convenience for handling the earplugs. When you are holding your plugs, whether it's as you get ready to hit the water, or as you're walking back from the water, the leash makes it easier to hang on to the two small plugs, so you're not juggling and potentially dropping them on the ground or in the sand.

If you get a leash, and then you find you don't need it, and/or it's just getting in the way, you could always cut it off at the insertion point on the earplug.

If you order without a leash, there's really no way for you to add one - you'd need to send it back to us to have one added (which will get expensive, due to all the shipping hops you'd now need to cover).

Whichever way you go is completely fine with us, we know a leash is a personal preference kind of thing - we just want you to have all the information up front.

Recommendations for Proper Leash Use

Let's first cover a few things to avoid when using a leash with your custom earplugs.

Guy holding earplugs First, do NOT use the leash to remove the earplugs from your ears. Doing so will eventually, if not immediately, strip the leash from the earplug, and then you'll end up with a plug with no safety line. The attachment of the leash to the plug requires the use of a special adhesive (think about trying to glue something to a piece of silicone - it's very difficult!!). Even inserting the leash into the earplug is pretty tricky - so avoid pulling and tugging on the leash - it's there just as a safety line.

As we mentioned earlier, we do NOT recommend attaching your leash to the collar of a rash guard or wetsuit, and the reason relates to the previous paragraph. Our recommendation here is likely relative to the sport in which you are using the earplugs, so let's first clarify that our perspective is more from that of surfing, and may not apply to your sport or use of your plugs.

The reason we don't recommend attaching the leash to a collar is because this will cause more tugging on the leash and earplugs, and cause the earplug to be dislodged out of the ear (or the leash to be stripped out), more than any other situation. Turning your head back and forth requires freedom of the leash to move with these motions, and by anchoring the leash, you may find this motion is now restricted.

If you want to attach the leash to something, a better approach is to use the chinstrap of a surf hat - ideally a FlipUpBillā„¢ surf hat. smiley face
The chinstrap makes a good place to anchor the leash and keep it out of the way because as you move and turn your head back and forth, the chinstrap, leash, and earplugs will also be moving in the same direction. The only caution here, is to make sure your hat won't get stripped off your head - that would surely rip out the leash. This is why we recommend using one of our FlipUpBillā„¢ hats, which are specifically made for staying in place, even in aggressive water environments.

Girl inserting earplug To use your leash, insert your earplugs (following the instructions page), and you may want to flip the leash back behind your head (so it's not getting in your face - again, depends on your sport and whether you're wearing a hat). That's it.

Again, depending on your sport and environment, you may have to periodically flip the leash back behind you once in a while (assumes you're getting tumbled in the surf now and then), but other than that, you should be good to go, and not have to even think about your plugs, or the leash - just focus on your sport!

When you're done with whatever sport it is that you do, remove and properly care for your earplugs. Again, do NOT pull on the leash to remove them - follow the instructions on how to remove and care for your earplugs.