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Excellent service!!

If water comes in, one push is enough to clear the water. They fit really well.

I purchased mine with a leash, but probably will not use it because they stay in place, and are way more comfortable than stock plugs.


I had been looking for surfing ear plugs here in the UK for sometime. I decided that the only option was to get some Wet Plugz shipped over from the USA and I am very glad I did.

Scott (and the Surf Munkey team) could not have been more helpful with the whole process and ensured that my impressions were okay before I sent them over.

I have just ordered a second pair.

Thanks you all at Surf Munkey


Well worth the investment.

I have surfers ear and recently got an infection so it was time to wear plugs.

These fit great, don't fall out, keep the water out, and I can still hear with them in. Wish I had started wearing them earlier.

I highly recommend these plugs.


This audiologist has placed numerous orders for his patients, and says "this is a good product"


My Wet Plugz work super and I recommend every surfer to get one and take good care of their ears early because surgery is no fun.

The product is high end and will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it properly.   With that said, I am a very happy customer.


They fit very snug and work good.   The plastic string (leash) sometimes gets caught on the back of my neck which I need to adjust at times but other than that it's a superb product!

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