Where to Buy

Preferred Providers

The easiest way to purchase a pair of custom Wet Plugz is through one of our Preferred Providers. They are hearing healthcare professionals, who can provide you with a one-stop shopping experience, where they'll create your ear impressions and in a few weeks provide you with the finished earplugs.

Locate a Preferred Provider

Please make sure to print these instructions and take them when you get your impressions made in order to make sure your audiologist is aware of what is required.

We are continuing to build our network of Preferred Providers, so if we don't yet have one near you, please contact us and let us know your location.

Online Shop

If we don't have a provider conveniently nearby, you can still purchase the earplugs through our online shop.

Buy Online

You will need to provide us with your ear impressions, and that means you'll need to locate an audiologist near you. We've provided this search link to the American Academy of Audiology to help - or just search the internet. Please read through the How to Order Online instructions for details on ordering your earplugs through the website.